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Does an HOA Need a Management Company?

Does an HOA need a Management Company? No matter how small an Association might be, all Associations and their Boards are held wholly responsible for knowing and following all applicable laws and codes.

Can we hire a Community Association Manager to help us on an as-needed basis?

The answer is YES!

I invite small and self-managed community associations such as:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • mixed-use

Please contact our office to explore how our firm may be of service to your community in Marin or your community in Sonoma County.

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Do we need a Management Company?

Arnold Management and Consulting is a Professional Community Association Management Company offering Boards of Directors and Leadership Training, annual updating on new legislation, and general problem solving on an as-needed basis.

  • Do we have to have a Board Hearing in order to levy a fine on an owner?
  • Why can’t we just levy fines on members who are repeat offenders without a hearing?
  • How can we deal with
    • Second-hand smoke?
    • barking dogs or feral cats?
    • Illegal Parking?
    • Homeless squatting/Dumpster divers/Trash dumping?
  • Can’t we just fill in the swimming pool if we can’t afford to maintain it?
  • Do we have proper policies in place for annual elections or delinquent assessments collections?
  • Are our Annual Disclosures correct and are we meeting deadlines?
  • Do we need an Annual Audit or Annual Review of our Books or can we do our own?
  • Can we restrict rentals?
  • If we need Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), how do we proceed?
  • Are there rules or guidelines about hiring contractors, landscapers, or repairmen?
  • Do we need a Corporate Calendar?
  • Can someone other than a Board Member write the letters needed to let neighbors know they are breaking the rules?
  • Do we know what we need to know if we have to have vehicles towed?
  • What are the fiduciary duties of Board Members?
    • What are their insured protections?
    • Are there resources for Board Members wanting to be educated about serving as Directors?
  • Are we ready for the 2020 laws?
  • What about Inspector of Elections?
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