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Does an HOA Need a Management Company?

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Does an HOA need a Management Company? No matter how small an Association might be, all Associations and their Boards are held wholly responsible for knowing and following all applicable laws and codes. Can we hire a Community Association Manager to help us on an as-needed basis? The answer is YES! I invite small and…

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You or Your Association

Small community associations, even larger self-managed associations, might be unaware they may be ‘out of the loop’ with regard to laws constantly being modified or newly enacted in Sacramento, or in Washington D.C.  No matter how small an Association might be (a planned development, or a condominium community, incorporated, or not), the State of California…

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Preliminary Budget Planning

Now is the Time to get Started! Too Shocking to Consider? When I first learned the concept of beginning next year’s Budget work just four months into the current budget year, I will admit I was shocked. How is that possible or practical? Possible: For instance, with a December-end budget year, use the general expenses…

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